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About Lost or Found (FAQ's)

Lost or Found is an Android app and a Web platform for reporting lost, stolen or found items. You can also search for the lost or found items added by others. It serves as a worldwide online database of stolen, lost, and found items and missing people.

What to do when you loose something or you find something?

As soon as you loose or find something, all you have to do is report/update details about lost or found item in this application / Website.

How it helps to avoid theft?

Before buying any used items if you want to make sure they are not stolen/theft, just search for that item in this application / website. This will help you to find if any one has already reported the same item as lost..

What else can be done using Lost or Found?

This application / website is not limited for lost or found items. It can also be used to report missing People or Children which will reach many people and becomes easy to find them.

What are the other features of Lost or Found?

Contact reporter if you have any clue on the reported item.

Email will be sent to the reporter if you have a clue and leave your details.

Report things that were lost, stolen or found.

Search for found items added by others and contact them.

Search for missing people.

Share the details with your friends through Whatsapp, Facebook and many other social media.

Upload/View images of lost or found items or missing people's photo.

Is there any cost for registering and posting records?

This app is totally free and you can report as many items as you want. Or search as many times as you want